Sunday, August 26, 2012

Recent Facts about W4AllTeam and JustBeenPaid

As explained in their  website, earning with W4All is simple, easy and fun! NO recruiting necessary but sharing to others is a good blessing. You earn, you share and good karma will come back to you. According to the new update from the admin, sponsors/referrers can no more receive a $5 commission as advised by their legal counsel as this is one of the reasons why other companies shutdown a program in the long run because affiliates do not perform well in the said program instead, they keep recruiting people just to make money from that which makes a company unsustainable because it results to a company's imbalanced financing. Just for example, 7 out of 10 members are inactive in the said program and only 3 of them are doing the business rightly. So how could a company  survive if people would only depend on affiliate shares? In the otherside, the company is just aware of  any charges or termination from their goverment law to avoid a company shutdown that just happend to one of  the legit earning site Zeekler. So, closing a company is not just about scamming people. A legit company can also face trials like this against government  rules and regulations related issues. That is why W4AllTeam is very cautious and careful about their program to avoid tendencies and inconvenience like this. So I hope everyone will continue to bear with the company if some changes are made. It is for the benefit of everyone for us to have a stable, sustainable and trustworthy income generating program. 

ProfitClicking (former JustBeenPaid) is slowly accessible! This is good news to all the members old, new and future registrants. ProfitClicking made it even better, simplier and faster! The old website I will admit it that many people says it to be "old-fashioned" in style (refers to the webpage, layout and features) compared to other sites that has a very good web design and web interface. It doesn't matter to me as long as I know that the program is paying, stable and sustainable indefinitely. After months of programming, encoding and other important tasks to be done, JustBeenPaid recently moved to its new home ProfitClicking. Main page is accessible but other pages are still under construction and the I.T. personnels incharged are working on it to be fully functional next month, September 2012. But nothing to worry about because for the old members, all data including referrals, earnings and transaction records and personal data are being transferred to its data base. And members can now start to share the program to others even if the site is exploding almost millions ofmmembers from around the world and still counting. That is why it needed more servers to handle the system very well. There is nothing to worry about in this program even rumors are flying around that it will shutdown soon. But Before that happends, take Fred Mann's 1 Million Dollar Challenge and see for yourself.

How Wealth4AllTeam and ProfitClicking programs work?

Again this is a secure programs and revenue share.  Just like forex exchange or you can compare it in a bank. You buy a stock and get your share and your money grows daily like a time deposit. But the difference is, You don't have to wait for years before you can enjoy your money. You can earn or take back your investment as early as ten days for Wealth4Allteam or  as early as one month in ProfitClicking and let the rest of your earnings continue to grow. Click each name to choose where to browse more about the website and click How it Works or other pages you might be interested to explore.



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